Principal investigators Allen Lanham, Dean of Library Services, and Marlene Slough, Head of Acquisitions, from Eastern Illinois University received a grant to document the art and architecture in Illinois libraries. Funding for this grant was awarded by the Illinois State Library, a Division of the Office of Secretary of State, using funds by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, under the federal Library Services and Technology Act, and by Eastern Illinois University, Booth Library. Assisted by a team of research assistants, two teams spent much of the summers of 2006 and 2008 traveling throughout Illinois, visiting libraries, photographing the art and architecture details, and compiling related information.


        Allen Lanham and Marlene Slough, principal investigators
        Bev Cruse, project photographer and graphic designer
        Sandra King, project photographer and graphics assistant
        Nackil Sung, web designer and technology consultant
        Peggy Manley, principal associate for accounting and planning
        Christine Derrickson, coordinator for research and travel
        Carl Lorber, Jocelyn Tipton, and Pamela Ortega, investigators for the library visits
        Thomas McElwee, Ginny Gaines, Nora Harm, and Jaime Sanchez, research assistants


The information obtained from this research was compiled into a database that has been available since January 2007. It is intended to provide long-term access to the information and photographs obtained during this project. In addition, a traveling exhibit, which celebrates the rich architectural and artistic heritage of Illinois libraries, traveled throughout the state during 2008. This exhibit was developed based on information and images collected by Eastern Illinois University’s Booth Library through surveys and more than 600 site visits. The project continued for another year, providing images and information from more than 1,000 public, academic and research libraries. For more information, visit http://www.library.eiu.edu/artarch/exhibit.asp.


This project is maintained by Booth Library at Eastern Illinois University. Comments, questions, corrections, suggestions are all welcome. We were assisted by our colleagues in more than 900 public and academic library agencies in Illinois, to whom we are grateful. There are no current plans to continue to update this database other than to correct errors or omissions. Libraries that have remodeled or moved into new facilities since roughly 2008 may have dated information in this database.