Moraine Valley Community College
Robert E Turner Learning Resource Center
9000 W. College Parkway
Palos Hills, IL 60465
Metropolitan Library System
Caudill Rowlett & Scott, architects
Opened 1978
96,000 SqFt


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Art in the Library

Sculpture - Wood
14h x 12w x 3d
Nigerian carved figures
Textile - Chinese Tapestry
47h x 87w
Sharon O'Brien
Alaska's Inside Passage, 1997
Painting - Watercolor
8h x 11w
Shelby Jannush
Title unknown, 1993
Paint, paper, wood, plastic
23h x 17.5w
Cross sections of Evergreen Park's Churches
Debra Werner
Empress Rose, 1996
Painted box
3.5h x 3w x 3d
Lynn Peters
The Goodyear Project: Spontaneity Made Concrete, 2005/2006
Sculpture - Clay
60h x 75w
Michael Belsky
Gum Madame, 1994
Print - Block Print with Etching
4h x 6w
Virginia Doyle
Lighthouse, 1989
13h x 14w x 8d
Leather Works
Painting - Watercolor
20h x 13w
Steven Pressley
Lucidity, 1991
Drawing - Colored Pencil
22.5h x 30w
Andy McDonough
Malignant, 1992
Print - Monotype
13.5h x 11w
Dolores Kurecki
Many Leaves, 1995
Painting - Watercolor
14h x 20w
Jennifer Grist
Myke's Tatoo, 1994
Photograph - Black/white
6h x 9.25w
Dorothy Trahey
Nature's Design, 1990
24h x 17w
Edward Regan
Nice, Bright, Unmarked Colors, 1995
Photograph - Black/white
7h x 10w
Sue Svec
Pleasurable Peppers, 1990
Painting - Acrylic
18h x 24w
Amy Bradford
Self-Portrait, 1991
Drawing - Conte Crayon
11h x 8.5w
Mark Crosier
Separation Identity, 1996
Photograph - Photomontage
4.5h x 9.5w
Patricia Berten
September, 1989
Painting - Watercolor
21h x 13.5w
Ann McMahon
Untitled, 1996
Painting - Watercolor
8h x 6w
Kevin Metz
Untitled, 1994
Painting - Pastel
24.5h x 18.75w
Alison Visona
Untitled, 1997
Photograph - Black/white
9h x 5.5w
Matt Laurence
Voodoo Guru, 1993
Painting - Watercolor
15h x 19.5w
Elaine Gotfryd-Noonan
Zephrodite, 1997
Decorative Art - Ceramics
14h x 4w x 5d
Mary Ellen Ponsford
Sailor of the Intellect I Don't Stop Talking To Us (Professor Fen Taylor, Physics and Sailing), 2007
Mixed Media
23h x 30.5w
Decorative Art - Ceramics
14.5h x 14.4w x 14d
Round vase
Matt Lamb
Contemplating Diversity
Painting - Oil on Wood
109h x 449w x 5d
Glenn Carpenter
Leaves and Wire, 2006
Photograph - Black/white
30h x 30w
Glenn Carpenter
Ghost Town Utah, 2006
Photograph - Black/white
30h x 30w