Chicago Public Library
Thurgood Marshall Branch
7506 South Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620
Chicago Public Library System
City of Chicago Bureau of Architecture, architects
Opened July 23, 1994
13,500 SqFt

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Art in the Library

Aki Baker
Waiting at the V. A., 1992
Sculpture - Mixed Media
14h x 13w
Aki Baker
Birmingham Summer 1963, 1993
Sculpture - Mixed Media
13.5h x 12w
Aki Baker
Birmingham Hosing 1963, 1994
Sculpture - Mixed Media
11.5h x 9w
Aki Baker
The Amistad Mutiny, 1992
Sculpture - Mixed Media
60h x 12w
Aki Baker
South Africa: Freedom Surge, 1992
Sculpture - Mixed Media
14h x 9.5w
Venus Blue Imaging
They All Had Something in Common, 1994
Decorative Art - Quilt, Blanket
47h x 36w
Terrence Karpowicz
A Delicate Balance, 1995
Sculpture - Mixed Media
96h x 38w x 36d
Rene Townsend
The Legacy, 1995
Sculpture - Mixed Media
84h x 96w
Erik Bloom
Thurgood Marshall, 1908-1993, 1995
Sculpture - Bronze
18h x 11w x 11d
Samuel Akainyah
Title unknown, 1984
Painting - Oil
42h x 72w
Ken Heinen
Thurgood Marshall: Lawyer, Guide, and Justice, 1908-1993

13.5h x 10w