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Library Information for
EIU Distance Learning Faculty

(Library Information for EIU Distance Learning Students)

Welcome! Booth Library is striving to provide equivalent services for the university’s distance learning students and faculty. Please click on the links below to access information about our services to distance learning faculty.

Obtaining a library ID number Subject Bibliographers List
E-Reserves Subject-specific Research Guides
Ask A Librarian Journals Owned by Booth Library
Searching for Books  Interlibrary Loan Forms--Books
Searching for Journal and Magazine articles Interlibrary Loan Forms--Articles
Distance Education Book Request Distance Education Articles Request

Additional services include:

Library instruction sessions:
Librarians are available to offer library instruction sessions via various delivery options: at Booth Library, at satellite locations, or online.  For more information, Pam Ferrell (581-7548; email 
    Subject librarians are ready to consult with faculty should you have questions about resources or services.  A number of subject-specific research guides have been created by librarians and are available online (see link above).  If your subject has not been included yet and you feel such a guide would be helpful to your students, please feel free to contact the appropriate subject bibliographer to discuss this.
Other sites of interest: