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Supporting Exhibits

Life in Elizabethís England
The lives of the nobility and commoners are compared in this exhibit.  Several items representative of the clothing, food and tableware of both classes are on display.
     Stacey Knight-Davis, instructor, Booth Library, and 
     Marlene Slough, associate professor, Booth Library, curators

Elizabeth I and the East India Company
In 1600, Queen Elizabeth I issued a Royal Charter giving the British East India Company a trading monopoly extending from East Africa across India and into the East Indies.  In doing so, she opened the way for British sovereignty over the Indian Continent that lasted into the twentieth century.
     Karen Whisler, associate professor, Booth Library, curator

Chronology of a Queen
Key events and characters in Elizabeth's life are presented together with events occurring through the world in the Elizabethan era.  World history, English history, and the Queen's life story are combined to provide an inclusive and unique view of historical moments from the 16th century.
     Stacey Knight-Davis, instructor, Booth Library
     Jan Sung, assistant professor, Booth Library, and 
     Brad Tolppanen, assistant professor, Booth Library, curators

Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: Henry VIII and his Six Wives
Pictures of Henry VIII and his six wives will be displayed. 
     Stacey Knight-Davis, instructor, Booth Library
     Jan Sung, assistant professor, Booth Library, and 
     Brad Tolppanen, assistant professor, Booth Library, curators

Spainís Response to Elizabeth I: The Spanish Armada
The exhibit will showcase a model replica of a Spanish galleon of the Armada.  Its backdrop will be a contemporary map of the route of the Armada around England.  Portraits of the Spanish king and the military commanders of the Spanish armed force will be included along with books about the Spanish Armada.
     Pam Ortega, assistant professor, Booth Library, curator

Education in the Time of Elizabeth
Imagine starting your ten-hour school day at 6 a.m. and being beaten weekly for your failings in the classroom. Such was life for schoolboys during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. 
     Ann Brownson, assistant professor, Booth Library, curator

One of Many: Women Rulers Since Elizabeth
Elizabeth I is just one of many women who have ruled their countries throughout history.  This exhibit examines women rulers from around the world, from the sixteenth century to the present day.  As was the case with Elizabeth, each of the women included in this display played a pivotal role in the development of her country. The information included in this exhibit highlights key events during each woman's time in power and demonstrates the similarities and differences between their sovereignty and that of Elizabeth.  The information presented in this display supplements a lecture to be given by Dr. Lillian Barria on women rulers, as part of the Elizabeth I exhibit events.
     Jocelyn Tipton, assistant professor, Booth Library, and 
     Lilian Barria, professor of political science, curators

William Shakespeare and London's Globe Theatre: 1599 to Today
The Globe Theatre was one of ten open-air amphitheatres that existed in London during the Elizabethan period.  Its distinction among them, of course, is that the Globe housed William Shakespeare's acting company and served as the original venue for many of his plays.  This exhibit traces the history of the Globe from its original opening in 1599 to its twentieth century rebirth in 1997.
     David Bell, assistant professor, Booth Library, curator

Tudor and Elizabethan Art and Architecture
Displayed in this exhibit are images reflecting the artistic and architectural grandeur of the Tudor age.  Focusing especially upon items relating in some way to Elizabeth I, this exhibit depicts the richness of royal life at the time, as shown through its palaces, castles and country homes, its paintings, its sculptures, and its decorative arts.
     Bob Hillman, professor, Booth Library, and 
     Carl Lorber, professor, Booth Library, curators

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